ROW Atascosa

Can anyone tell me ROW price per rod on a 30 inch pipeline?

$1,200 to $1,500 / rod

Any new information for ROW 30 inch pipeline?

If you are talking about the Echo 4 Enterprise Pipeline led (M2E4 LLC (“M2E4”)) line, most landowners who have representation will probably get around $800/rod with the consultation fee of your negotiator added as additional damages.

Of at least equal importance is the right of way form itself. For goodness sake, don’t sign the agreement offered in the IOL (Initial Offer Letter).

This is based on recent negotiations with which I have been involved.


Buddy Cotten

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Following this as well. We received a IOL from Enterprise last week for their M2E4 project for $24/ft or $400/rod. Needless to say, we don’t intend to accept the offer…

Do you by chance have any comps to back these numbers up? It seems almost impossible to find good supporting data, but I’ve spoken to several landmen and ranch brokers familiar with the area that said $70-80/ft would be a reasonable place to end up.

Hard to get reliable comps unless the process went through condemnation. Kinder Morgan did reportedly pay $1,400 to $1,600 per rod in Hays county for a 42" pipeline to give you points of reference

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Any updated data points here? We just received a response from Enterprise accepting all of our requested changes to the easement agreement and offering $450/rod, which is still a far cry from what sounds like fair market value. Thank you!

@Buddy_Cotten @OliverG

No updates on comps. One tactic you may want to throw at them is to request a “favorable nations” clause. That way they have to pay you the highest rate they paid any landowner along the route.

Most pipelines won’t accept that clause but it can be a way to get them off dead center.

Good luck


Their offer is modest. It’s not likely that the easement form changes that you requested were not comprehensive.


Buddy Cotten