Rosetta Resources


I own some mineral rights in Reeves County, Section 266. About three years ago, I was contacted by Rosetta Resources about a lease, but the terms at that time were not as good as I had received for a couple of other leases that I have. I know that they were taken over by Noble, but that is about all that I know. Because this area has heated up for leases, I would like to contact them to see if they are still interested and what they would be willing to pay. I would appreciate any information with respect to this company, whether they have a good reputation, and how I might contact them concerning any interest they might have in leasing my mineral rights. Thanks.


I’ll quickly answer one part of this for you. Noble is a large, ongoing concern, generally with very capable people. some of their senior management of whom I know well.


We leased to Rosetta a few months back for a two year extension at 10K pnma. This was sections 270/271.


Thanks for the information. Do you have a contact number where I can reach them?


I private messaged you the info Mr. Kerby. Good luck.


Rosetta has pooled our acreage in BLk. 13, section 265. They have applied for a drilling permit for the Charles Goodnight well. The bore path runs through our land. Colgate bought our lease from Concho in March 2018. Do you have a contact number for Rosetta’s landman in this area?

Karen Burbank