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According to the Montana Board of Oil and Gas, there are drilling permits being issued to drill here. Anybody hear any news if anything was found?

I noticed that the Board of Gas and Oil has issued drilling permits to areas in Rosebud County. Does anyone have any news on what is going on there? Are they finding anything?

I believe a few of last years permits have been drilled. Though I've not heard anything yet on their results.

Anyone know of drilling activities in Rosebud county ... Sumatra area?

Yes,, we would also like to know if anyone has heard anything about drilling in the Rosebud Sumata area... It is very difficult to get any kind of information when you live in Washington state and don't really have local venues to go to....

Recently a "dry hole" was reported in 12N 31E (far NW corner of county). Today's report shows a new permit in 9N 34E Sec 14 by Fidelity. This location is slightly SE of Sumatra and SW of Ingomar.

Yet overall not much to report. There have been a dozen or so permits filed this past year (mostly north of the highway) but I'm unsure if drilling has begun. One drilled is up in 12N 35E. However nothing has been reported on their results for that well.

We are 10N and 11N and Fidelity has a permit to drill as of last month. I do not know when and neither did they. I asked a Fidelity rep. when I attended the hearing for permits in Butte last month.

Thanks for the information.. So glad that we found this group!!

Me too, Connie!

Fidelity exploration completed its first horizontal test in the heath Oil shale play. first months average was 249 bbl per day 28,000 cub. ft of gas, and 65 b of water per day. The 44-27H Schmidt produced 6213 bbls oil 700,000 cu ft of gas and 1635 bls water in 25 days during march. Earlier this year Fidelity drilled at 11-23H Kinchloe No details released. Fidelity requested 17 temp. spacing units all 640 acre units for Horizontal Heath wells. 9n-34e sections 12 and 15,10n-33e 1 and 6,10n-34e 27 and 33,10 n-35e,1,3,28,33,34&35.11n-33e Sec.13,12n-32e,8 and 14. Requested at the Montana Board of Oil and Gas April 26 2012.

Connie Hecker, We had a huge ranch which backed up to your property if you are any relations to Vincent and Arther Hecker. We have 36,000 mineral acres in Rosebud and Garfield Counties. We have some kind of a rinky dink lease which was done in 2007. I need to find out if this lease can be broken...

Anyone know if Central Montana Resources is doing anything on their Zeus and Posiedan wells?

Beverlee, just out of curosity, who was the lease through? Dianne

Beverlee, both of those wells (Zeus & Posidon) by Central MT Resources were spud back in September. Neither has been reported yet. So we're still waiting to hear how they turned out.

FWIW, just read that Cirque Resources signed a joint venture deal with Statoil ASA. No info yet on the details. However, it's positive. First it will provide Cirque with capital to drill more to hopefully show the area's potential. Secondly, it's positive to see a major oil company (Statoil) put some money into this Heath Shale play. Currently the players are all smaller companies.

Statoil ASA is a major oil company from Norway. They're a large force in the North Sea. This past year they began looking at the US and bought Brigham Exploration to get into the Bakken play.

Cirque Resources is a small oil company out of Denver. Yet they are one of the major players in this Heath Shale play. They have several hundred thousand acres leased in Garfield & Rosebud counties. I'm sure they're glad to see Statoil's cash.

Beverlee.. Yes,, we are related to Vincent and Arther Hecker.. Our lease was done in 2010 with turner Oil and Gas Properties Inc. I don't know who your lease was done with and I am uncertain as to whether you may be able to break your current lease or not. This is all pretty new to us as we inherited our rights from my husbands father.. It's kind of a huge learning curve and hard to keep up with since we live so far away. I am honestly just trying to follow the help from the good people on our board. Our lots are 1,2,3,4, S/2 N/2 S/2 of Section 1-11N-33E. Rosebud County. It doesn't appear that any drilling is going on there at this time unless I am missing something.. does anyone have any word on that area?


Upon the application of

Fidelity Exploration & Production Company to create a temporary spacing unit comprised of all of Section 1, T11N-R33E, Rosebud County, Montana, to drill a horizontal Heath Formation well thereon at any location not closer than 330’ to the boundaries of said temporary spacing unit. Applicant will file an application for permanent spacing within 90 days of successful well completion. Applicant requests placement on the Default Docket.

Well, it looks like drilling may be going on or will be happening soon.. I just found this information tonight whilst I was doing some research..That section and directions do match our records or am I not seeing it correctly. Hopefully some of you pros might be able to give me some help.. :-) It looks like Fidelity is doing the drilling?

Our property is 11N R33 E Sect. 34 and 10N R33 E sect 3. It likes as though that we are very close to some of you. This is owned by the Coffee Cattle Co. Please let me know if you see anything happening there. I talked with a representative from Fidelity at the Docket hearing in Butte in April. She said that even though they got the permit, she said that drilling could happen any time or several months from now or not at all. I asked if any Surface Agreement would be proposed to the landowner before they proceeded. She assured me that yes there would have to be something drawn up first. Many years ago, a driller came to the area and left bags of chemicals on the land and it poisoned the cattle and the wild life predators. They want to make sure that never again. I am in total agreement with that!

Dianne, our lease was done in Oct. 2007 by BTC Oil Properties. The leasers are my 94 yr. old father and his 82 yr. old brother. They had been leasing their 36,000 + acres off and on since about 1956. When they were approached by this company, they just signed the lease without any advice from their children or an attorney. We didn't even know the terms of the lease, until a year ago after becoming Dad's advisers. and after having read it, its horrible. they are getting some kind of a yearly pmt. which varies each year, there is not even a signature from the leasingcompany and there are no terms, we don't know how much per acre is being paid or even why because nothing is stated. Lease is 12% royalty plus a $10.00 net mineral acre for releasing at the end of 5 years, which is Oct 1, of this year. Any suggestions???? We need OUT!!!!! No Pugh clause nothing. Its horrible.