Roosevelt County New Mexico, just south of Loving

Hi all,

Last year, I had a call from a Land Man who wanted to lease 80 acres, but he only offered $50 an acre, and 1/16, so I said, you get the same price as in Texas, where we get 25% of the hole and about $500 an acre. He told me there were wildcatters, and I said, well sorry, I don't want to take a chance on unproven Operator or Wildcatter. Seeing you guys got the same kind of offers.

Hi, I'm a new member to Roosevelt County. My great grandparents owned over 300 ac mineral rights in Roosevelt. I have not submitted my Affidavit of Heirship, and don't know current requirements to transfer into my name. Several years ago, I was told an Affidavit of Heirship and copies of Will, Trust, Probate to transfer into my name.

I have no information on O/G productions, ther than what Chris Wilson recently wrote. And at $50 ac they'd have to force pool me on that wildcat deal.

Has there been any production in Roosevelt Cty in the past 5 years?

If anyone has recently transferred inherited mineral rights into their name in Roosevelt Cry and/or any has there been any drilling/production activity, let me know? I'm in process of tracing old family mineral rights into my name so my children won't have to go through that puzzle or lose their mineral rights from their great, great, great grandfather.

Many thanks. Happy Easter


Why don't you drop by Winkler County here, and pick up Clint Lanley's email, so you can asked this questions to him. He is Experience Land man I believe he can tell you where to find any production on the New Mexico Gov Site.

Mine was in Trust, so never had to transfer, but recommend Attorney Oil and Gas for sure, to help with any transfer, watch out for unsolicited. letters that will come after transfer. Just throw away any and all offers.


what state do you live in?