Roosevelt County, MT Parcel Updates

Hello, I am leasing oil and gas rights on the following:

Township 29 North Range 52 East
Section 29: NE1/4, SW 1/4
Section 30: SE1/4
Roosevelt County, Montana
I was told earlier this year, that they were starting seismic testing in this area. Would appreciate any updates as to progress and possible wells. Thank you.


There are older seismic lines running E/W both north and south of your land. I don't think there will be much interest in your minerals until Nautilus decides to extend its operations to the east or decides to go deeper. Nautilus has lots of production out ahed of them where they are and have no need to take on wildcat drilling in your area. Bakken development is over 30 miles east and 20+ miles SE and both are across the Brockton Fault Zone. Absent a technological break through in the East Poplar field, you may be in for a long wait. However, I do believe your time will come.