Roosevelt County, MT - Any Oil & Gas Activity

Has anyone seen any lease interest in Montana?

They shut in our well - would like to just get it back. No activity that I have heard about. Sure wish there would be some for somebody!

Please le me know if you hear of any activity in your area.

Please let me know also if you hear anything. I am not hopeful. Unfortunately I am sure we are sitting on a Bakken play but the oil companies are not investing in Mt oil

A few years back I assisted my wife and her two sisters with probate to gain mineral rights on two sections in the Culbertson Montana area. In mid 2014 we finalized the ownership effort. Sadly in January 2014 oil was selling at 100/barrel and there was much interest in the Culbertson area.

Now that oil is hovering at $50/barrel does anyone forecast any interest in this area for future oil lease opportunities and if so please kindly identify those companies?

Nothing going on that I know of. Wish there was.

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