Roosevelt County Montana

Does anyone know what the current $/acre bonus is in Roosevelt County. Specifically, the area of T30N;R59E.

We have minerals in T28, R57.

Montana is heating up, tons of spacing units on the docket, but I'm not sure what the bonus currently is. One help is the Northeast Montana Mineral Owners Association. They publish a newsletter with info and current bonuses, though it can be a bit dated by the time you get your newsletter. To subscribe, send $35 to 4545 Rd 1011, Froid MT 52226.


Thanks for the information. Our minerals is in T30;R59E in which part of the minerals will be expiring next year. I wanted to stay informed on the bonus rates as top leasing will begin to occur later this year and definitely next year if no drilling occurs. It seems that there is still alot of acreage in ND to be drilled so it may be another two years before Montana sees a significant number of rigs in the area.