Rojo Energy Holdings - Offer to Buy BEWARE

I own a very small mineral right in Howard County. Was contacted by Rojo Energy Holdings with an offer to buy our interest. We agreed and executed a Mineral and Royalty Deed and sent to them. They sent us a check weeks after we submitted the Deed which was returned NSF. After notifying them, they promised to wire the funds. The funds were never wired. After consulting legal counsel, we found out that shortly after they received the Deed, they sold it to a third party.

This company will not send the money until AFTER they sell your interest. Once they sell your interest to a third party, you have no recourse to get the rights back and have to try and get your funds through other legal means. Major lesson learned. So if you are getting an offer from ROJO Energy Holdings or a person named Greg Cass, you might want to require payment prior to sending them your executed Deed. We won't make that mistake again.

make used car salesmen look like saints...

We always consult our attorney before signing anything. Thanks for the heads up! Sorry this happened to you!

Get a good Oil/Gas lawyer. In many cases like this you can be made whole again... but I'm not a lawyer. I wish you the best off luck and good fortune.

Also, contact the DA’s office and see if they will pursue hot check charges. That usually gets you paid pretty quick.