Roger mills ok mineral rights

New mineral rights owner, wondering what I might expect from Roger MillsCounty, Section 5, 4N 21 W…

Any info would be appreciated.

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Check your description. Do you mean 5-14N-21W? 4N is not in Roger Mills.

If you do mean 5-14N-21W, then there is only a dry hole in that section now. Red Hawk and Mewbourne have been leasing in the section. Make sure your name and address and probate documents are properly filed in the county courthouse so the land men can find you. I suspect horizontal drilling is coming.

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Rock Creek Energy ring a bell?

What is your specific question regarding Rock Creek Energy?

Their name came up as having an interest in minerals rights in that area.

Yes, they are out and about in the area.

We just leased 30-15-21 Roger mills, 6 weeks ago to Devon . Started out @ 850.00 w/ Mewbourne , signed @ 2000.00 3/16th 3 year w/ a 2 years @ 125% option. Appear to be chasing a trend along 33 hiway heading west just north Arapaho. It’s the last section we have open !!! 2 mile laterals let’s goooo !!!