Roger Mills County Section 20 and 21 Township 12

I have received a mineral and royalty deed to some of Section 20 and 21 Township 12 North, Range 26 in Roger Mills Co., OK. Does anyone know about any activity there? Maybe its worth? I have no idea even where to look it up. Thank you Susan

Do you know if there is activity?

Terra, are you asking about the same sections, township and range or different ones. Please be specific in your questions or we cannot help.

Fourpoint Energy did have an increased density order approved for two more wells in section 20 in April 2018. It appears that at least one of the wells was dismissed by an order in January 2019. You have some older wells. Contact Fourpoint Energy and let them know you need to transfer those wells into pay status for your name. Do you need the contact info?

21 has no active wells at this time.

Can’t speak to its worth.

You can look up the well documents on the OCC wellrecords website. Test

You can look up production on the OK Tax Site Gross Production

Section 34 Township 15N 21 WS

It would be much better if you would post your new question under the state, county and section township and range to keep the threads “clean”. Go to HOME and then NEW TOPIC and then scroll down the list (look on the left) until you get the right state and county, then start a new thread with a specific question regarding your area. Common syntax would be “Is there any activity in 34-15N-21W?”