Robinson 7n6w section 3

Anyone received division orders for Robinson 3-15-10-3xhs and 4-15-10-3xhs. Have minerals in 7n6w section 3.

Paula, I am not experienced in reading OCC reports, but it looks like to me that they had to stop drilling before they got into section 3. I don’t have a clue as to why. Maybe someone on here with more expertise can share some additional info.

Thanks, just haven’t received anything confirming that but probably will.

You can look up the survey data at the OCC well records site. The surface location is in 22-7N-6W. Use 2207N06W in the location box. Looks like the wells came up short.

Think section 15 was start

Paula: The #3 & #4 wells were not drilled. The #5 well was plugged and replaced by the #5R (R=replacement). It did not penetrate Section 3. The surface location is in Section 22, but the wellbore did not penetrate the Springer formation until the wellbore entered Section 15. The bottom of the wellbore is in Section 10.

Respectfully, Todd M. Baker

occ site is showing Robinson 3 and 4 wells as being completed in the springer. the No 3 with a 9832’ lateral with first production nov 4 and the no 4 has a 7900’ lateral with first production oct 26th 2018. with both wells being drill off the same surface pad in section 22, while both were drilled neither made it into sect 3 with the reported lateral lengths.

What I figured Section 3 7n6w not touched.

Good catch Jake. I should have looked twice. The #3 had 26,487 BO & 37,134 mmcf in November sales. The #4 had 23,798 BO & 32,928 mmcf in November sales.