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Mineral/royalty Owners in the Granite Wash play.

A really nice map. Note the faults.

I have been contacted about leasing some minerals located in Section 176, Block 42, H&TC Railway Co. Survey, Roberts County. I am somewhat familiar with other counties e.g. Mitchell, Scurry, but have no idea what the going rate for bonus payments or royalty interests are in Roberts County. Anyone have info?

Well, I am not very versed in the oil and gas field, but I am working to come up to speed. I read the "Oil and Gas Report" in the online edition of the "Amarillo Globe" when and if they publish it. I suggest you review those reports in the internet.

Given the willy nilly nature of Texas surveys, I am not really sure where your property is located. How far in what direction is it from Miami?

My experience was that we got a lot more on our leases than some of my cousins that took the first offer. Then the leases were resold twice again. That tells me that we did not get the best possible deal.

If the lease has a confidentially clause in it, that means that some other people are getting more or less than you. I suggest you shoot for the moon, then wait for them to come back with a counter offer.

The price of the product is pretty low now. If the signing bonus is not real good, you just might do better leaving that stuff in the ground until the price improves.

That is my thinking on the issue.

Good luck

Thanks, I agree.

Robert, Section 176, Block 42, H&TC RR Survey is about 17 miles due north of Miami. Latitude 35, 58', 14"; Longitude 100, 39', 09" This is the south part of the section.

Hmm. I think that is on the southern edge of the Hugoton Embayment. Like I said, I am a bit of a neophyte in this oil and gas business.

If you decide to lease your property, try and get them to pay you in this tax year. Next year will probably be a different story, judging from news reports.

In fact, you might do better just to sit out the next four years and hope for a better tax picture. It all depends upon your personal situation.

Any way, good luck no matter which way you decide.

Does anyone know of any kind of activity in section 58 BLK :B1

John at this time I see no new activity in Section 58....just the 2 Horizontal gas wells drilled in the past --32394 by BP America and 32022 drilled by Cimarex...also several older vertical gas well.

GIS Map of Roberts County Section 58/Block B1:


Clint Liles

We are getting a lot of people wanting to buy . Not sure if there are plans going deeper with horizontal drilling into the Woodford. Is there areas near by that seems to be getting some good active wells that would cause this interest?

How old are these 2 horizontal wells. We receive checks on the older units but not sure on the Hortizontal. They should be paying by now? How can I check on these to see if we are being paid?

Clint, We also have it in Section 59 BLK B1. Could do the same map on this section? Thanks, John

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