Roberta June Davis

Looking for information on 33-9n-5w. Where exactly is this located in Grady County Oklahoma? NE4NE4NE4S2NE4NE4; N2SE4NESE4SE4NE4; N2SE4NE4SE4SE4NE4; N2SE4NE4SE4SE4NE4; N2SE4NE4SE4SE4NE4; NE4NE4NE4S2NE4NE4; N2SE4NE4SE4SE4NE4; N2SE4NE4SE4SE4NE4; NE4NE4NE4S2NE4NE4; NE4NE4NE4S2NE4NE4; NE4NE4NE4S2NE4NE4; NE4NE4NE4S2NE4NE4; N2SE4NE4SE4SE4NE4; NE4NE4NE4S2NE4NE4; W2SW4NW4; N2SE4NE4SE4SE4NE4; NE4NE4NE4S2NE4NE4…

Thank you for your help. I am completely in this

Grady County Map.pdf (434.4 KB) Do you know how to figure out where each of those is located within a section? You seem to have a lot of duplicates.

Honestly, I dont know anything about it. This a on a document my wife received from her mother (deceased) about purchasing the mineral rights. The step-dad is not forthcoming with documents he says they received. I know that there are 16.6 acres down around tuttle, oklahoma. The name Charie Maxie Hogan may be a clue.