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Is there any leasing activity going on in Roane County? I have a client who says they were approached with a lease for oil, not gas.

hi, my granfather ( delbert mcyoung had small checks coming too him from a oil well i think well 51, i have old checks that he never cashed nor my father, i am the last heir. i tried too make contact with whomever my be still working my well but no luck. if you can sir, look into this i will gather up the stuff i have for you. i own 14% of a Nobel energy deal in Tyler co. too. thank you for your time, William a Mcyoung.

oil in Rone co. is green drip oil. pensoil use to buy it. thats all i can dig up, save well 51 is mine and somebody is getting my oil and my money.

I sent you a friend request. We should probably talk. Producers do lose track of who they're supposed to be paying. It's up to the mineral owner to update the producer. The producer has no way of knowing when the mineral owner changes. When they do lose track of the rightful owner, they're supposed to put any unclaimed moneys into an escrow account. You'll have to prove that you're the rightful owner, and that can be some work, but it would most likely be well worth the effort.

Here's a little information on the Trenton-Black River Formation. Apparently it's been producible for quite some time. Maybe the oil and gas companies just realized they could try horizontal fracking on it.

About a year ago my leases were taken over by Standard Oil of West Virginia. Has anyone had good or bad experiences with these folks?


Only speaking from my own experience...

I am of the opinion that SO of WV is a new small outfit that is truly making an effort. I believe they are having some 'growing pains', but am left with the impression that they are trying to do the right thing, for all involved. I have spoken to various people associated with their outfit and have found them easy to work with.

Good luck

Good to hear from a third party. Thanks. Previously my leases were held by Mountain Country Partners and they had no interest in communicating with me at all. So far I am pretty happy with Standard Oil of West Virginia. They have answered all my questions so far and seem like decent, down to earth folks. My only complaint is getting m royalty checks with any regularity. When I call, there always seems to be some "crisis" in the office that has prevented the checks from going out. I hope these are growing pains and things will eventually level out. On another note, last year I spoke with the field guys who maintain the wells on my property about a few things I wanted cleaned up on my land. I am hoping to see some changes on my next visit. After dealing with MCP for years, it's nice to have a family run business to communicate with.


I agree, it is nice to deal with a company that is putting forth an effort.

On a side note, if you are missing any monies, I had to go thru MCP the company that handled their accounting, but found there were monies in a Suspense Account, which was a fairly painless transaction. However, I ponder how many others have monies in Suspense, that are unaware.

If you need any insight on that aspect, drop me a note and I will share my experience with you privately, via email.


*** Go thru the company that handled MCP's accounting ***

I have names and numbers for that accounting firm and will look into this tomorrow. Thanks so much!