Roan Resources

I have not received a 1099 from Roan resources for 2020. I have called several numbers for them that I found in Google and while the phone is automatically answered when and switches me to the number for 1099, the voice says not available to try later!. I have tried later several times with the same response. Has anyone else had the same experience and how did you resolve it? John Mann

You hopefully saved all your check stubs from 2020 with the run statements on them, so you can use those as your backup. (remember to save all check stubs for seven years for IRS purposes.) Check you well(s) on the OCC wellrecords site and see who might have bought it/them.

Citizen is now operating or owns the well. Thanks again

Thank you or the heads up. Yes, I do have the statements. Roan was using Energy Link, so I have those on the computer. Another question: The crazy deductions that they show–transportation, marketing, etc I believe those are tax deductions–am I correct? John Mann

Talk to your accountant about any deductions.

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