Roach 1-4H in Oklahoma

Does anyone have any information on 4-14N-12W (Roach 1-4H). I understand this is a producing well, yet I can find no production information on it. Continental Resources drilled the well and I am suppose to be receiving a division order within the next 30 days. But, I have not been able to reach anyone at Continental Resources to get production numbers.

I pulled up the well info and didn't find any completion reports that have been reported online yet and the Scout Ticket I found doesn't yet report a completion date. It looks like they reached total depth on April 23rd but it may be possible they have not done the completion yet. With that being said, online reporting of production generally runs 6 months behind. If there is anything I can do to help down the road, feel free to email me directly at

what county in oklahoma


nancy peterson said:

what county in oklahoma