Ritchie Gazette

For everyone with an interest in Ritchie County, it is helpful to have a subscription to The Ritchie Gazette. Every week there is local news, including some news about the gas and oil industry. Last week there was a big article about Antero having a meeting with royalty owners in Pennsboro. They are trying to get people leased to do horizontal drilling under the town.

There are public notices about delinquent taxes. You don't want to see your name on the list, but if you do you still have time to redeem your property.

Often there are notices about the intent to drill a horizontal well, giving the coordinates for it. You can see if it is near you.

Real estates transfers are also recorded.

There have been notices about missing heirs and the intent to drill on property they are heir to. If not found their royalty payment will go into an account.


The address is
Ritchie Gazette

200 East Main Street

P.O. Box 215

Harrisville WV 26362-0215.

I am not on staff or anything, but live out of state and have found it very valuable as well as interesting.


You're welcome!

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