Rigney Wells CEMOIL

Hello - I am newish here, still mostly a lurker.

My father has begun to transfer his mineral interests to me and (thankfully!) he is showing me the ropes. I have a question that I wanted to pose to the group because I am not sure what to do here.

Here goes: I sent a transfer order request to Sunoco along with a copy of my mineral deed in Caddo County because according to my father’s records they were the ones paying him for the Rigney wells, and in the same letter, I also sent them a copy of another deed in Seminole County for an ORRI, (the Maxey 1-A & 2). Sunoco sent me back a Divison Order for the ORRI in Seminole County, but included the following in the comments:

“The interest of (my dad) has been transferred to (me) per the assignment dated 5/11/2020 recorded in BK 4214 PG 182 in Seminole County, OK. CEMOIL, INC is taking over the disbursement responsibility on the Rigney Wells. Their address is 2931 CS 2773, Chickasha, OK 73018”

So, does this mean that Sunoco sold its leases to CEMOIL? Looking back at my dad’s files it looks like CEMOIL is an operator, not a lessee. But, these comments make it sound like CEMOIL is now paying on the Rigney wells.

Do I send CEMOIL a transfer request? It sounds like that is what I need to do, but my dad says they are just an operator NOT a lessee and they just get the oil out of the ground. Do I need to look up who has these wells now? The words “disbursement responsibility” is throwing us both for a loop.

I appreciate any insight! (I hope this isn’t too dumb of a question)

Go ahead and send it to CEMOIL. In OK, usually the operator (who may or may not be the lessee) has the ultimate responsibility for paying. They may contract out to another company to transport or they can do it themselves.

Look up your wells on the OCC and see if they have been sold. http://imaging.occeweb.com/imaging/OGWellRecords.aspx

@M_Barnes, thank you for the response!

It is interesting that you say that about the operators because that is the exact opposite of what my dad has been saying. I know he knows what he is doing, but he has had these minerals for so long, he is on auto-pilot and, while he is very knowledgeable, he isn’t always the easiest to learn from. (Isn’t that always the case with parents!)

I will write CEMOIL today.

Thanks again, y’all!

It can depend upon whom you are dealing with as far as operators vs transport companies. In this case, Sunoco told you to contact CEMOIL, so that is probably the right thing to do as a starting point.