Right of way and rod price

Good evening,

I have a two-fold question.

a) Does giving right of way for a pipeline impact the future price of the land/minerals?

c) Section 8, block 4. I am offered $80 per rod for a 12 in diameter pipeline. This looks really low. Any thoughts?



a) not an expert but pretty sure the answer is no

c) know of $200/rod for ROW paid in the last 6 months in Blk 4

Thanks a lot.

The going rate for a 12" pipeline based upon the current University of Texas Rate and Damage Schedule is between $64 and $120 per rod for a non-mineral lessee. The offer of $80 per rod is not out of line with the market, and I have had numerous owners with land in Blocks 4 and 5 H&GN agree to grant pipeline easements for a single 12" pipeline with compensation between $80 and $120 per rod. These were done in 2017.


Your comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Dial, at $80 to $120 per rod-was this for a permanent easement or for a 10 or 20 year term?

Some owners wanted permanent (but terminates upon non-use), and some wanted 10-year renewable. We offer permanent, but will do the 10-year if asked.

Pierre, we contacted an attorney and he negotiated the price and terms. This was in Nov. 2016 and if my memory serves me we got around $200. Per rod and a ten year lease. I️ would have to dog out paper work and see for sure

Thank you I get just negotiate the same $200 per rod.

Nice! That's 250% greater than what they initially offered - way to go.