Ridge Leases in Glasscock, Section 42, Blk 33

Does anyone have any mineral leases with Ridge, LLC ? I have a 3 yr top lease with Ridge and have been contacted by a Dallas law firm that these leases may be void and have legal claims. Let me know if you have heard anything about Ridge leases in Glasscock. My email address is jmillsap776@gmail.com

Mr. Millsap,

Unfortunately, as you probably know by now, you did not sign a "top lease" but an Oil and Gas Royalty Lease which is in fact a conveyance of 3/4 of your royalty interest on any production under your currently HBP lease with Double Eagle (now Energen) except the production from the vertical wells drilled by Energen in 2011 / 2012.

According to the RRC GIS map there are currently two producing horizontal Spraberry wells in the western part of Sections 42 and 31, and 7 permitted laterals. These two wells have already produced 155,790 BBLs and are shut in.

I would be very curious as to how described this "top lease" to you and would appreciate your updating your experience in this matter. I wish you luck.

Bobby Grace