Rick5: BLM unapproved permits

“What’s a good link to view current unapproved Devon Federal APD’S on New Mexico’s oil conservation website NMoilboy?”

Sorry, didn’t want to goof up Wade’s thread with too long of a reply.

Doesn’t exist. They have to get approved by the Feds and then make their way to NMOCD and get an API number. Ones that are not yet BLM approved are only at the BLM.

The only way that I know of to get a glimpse into the BLM process is to continually look at the BLM 30 day notices, found here


And keep a list, those are the wells going into the BLM. And then keep track of what gets approved (I choose to do that at the NMOCD level) to see what is going out. What remains in the BLM beast is what is unapproved.

If for instance you had a buddy who was doing all of that, he could possibly provide you with a list of leases that have unapproved DVN wells, if he was really really cool. (note there are multiple wells per most leases but that’s a much longer list).

Thank you kindly NMoilboy.

What I’m really looking for in all this are new permits for the Maldives and the Galapagos units (that have been tremendously successful, the Maldives anyhow, the Galapagos are now (all 6) being drilled) or any new wells being permitted in federal lease number NMNM0405444. We have a nearly 1% ORI in this lease that has produced in the family (original interest of grandfather was 3%, what was inherited by us is .009375 % ORI) since the 1970’s. I see that there is a Maldives and a Van Doo Dah unit either approved or unapproved in the graph you provided above. We own an ORI in both these, and numerous more like the Galapagos federal leases.

But thanks again for the link I’ll try to figure it out soon.

Small world. My friend owns a whopping 0.0004 in the Maldives wells and 1/4 of that in the W. Galapagos. NM-NM0405444A. Bugs me occasionally about what I think is going on there. Feel free to round that decimal down to zero. :cry:

No new permit applications there. The VanDooDah and Maldives entries there are for Notice of Stakings and not APDs, I didn’t bother to sort it out. Staking usually means APDs in the future though. You’d guess in the next 5-10 years they should get around to drilling the Avalon and Upper WC there. Maybe. Even folks like Devon with a lot of rigs have a whole lot of acreage.

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