Richland County " Am I being taken advantage of?"

I have remembered getting oil cks it seemed like every 3 mths since I was a small girl now my father left me and my sister along with my mother these rights when he passed on in 1975 the cks were nothing grand around $ 120.00 every 3 mths now that might not seem like alot but to me and my little sister is was wonderful than about 6 yrs later we reiceved a letter from the oil company stating they were "Dry Plugging" the well so no more cks so yrs go by In 2005 i was having personal issues and was not in touch with my family my mother recieved a letter from a landman wishing to lease my mineral rights Twn 22N Rg 59E Sec 27 W1/2 containing 320 acres Now again i didnt see my mom till approx 2 months after the offer was sent so she gave me the letter I called and was offered to sell some of the rights and as a young dumb indivudial I did sell 6 acres now getting to my question that left me the vested owner of still an acreage of 5.85185 in Richland co now my questions is this I KNOW I only sold 6 acres I have not recieved any roylaties from this area which i have learned is producing I have spoke with the CEO of the company that purchased McCartney Petroleum, Inc he informed me he would have to look into it if i was owed back cks Any and all thoughts please. God bless this site and every one who helps.


In whose name are the minerals recorded at the County Clerk's Office? Are you for sure this 5.85185 acreage is included in the spacing unit of the producing well? Check out these two things first to confirm that a royalty is applicable on this acreage. Now, was there a lease signed in regards to this acreage? You should have a copy of the lease refecting your total NMA and % royalty due. If you find that the mineral acreage is properly recorded and the acreage is within the spacing unit of this producting well, and a lease is in your possession, then contact the operator (which you did not name) and advise that you have supporting evidence indicated that you are the rightful owner of this acreage and would be subject to any royalties from this production.