Richland County Activity?

Hello, I have minerals in T25-56E-11. My lease expired in 2014 and I was hoping somebody could let me know if there is any drilling activity in the area. If you have any insight into mineral values in the area, I’d appreciate it.

Jamie, our lease expired about the same time and we have talked to some "landmen" and others but have not heard a peep. We are in T22N-56E-5SW,

I have minerals in T25 56E section 11. Not leased either. Expired same year as yours. How long have you owned your rights.

Bought mine a couple years back. I seen somebody listing 10 acres in my section for $2k an acre and hasn’t sold for many months. So assuming the market value is less than that.

I did also. Bought from Suzanne and Erin Koch. Yeah its pretty quiet right now.

Ya, I bought money from Erin too. Hope she had enough acres to sell:). Seems like shale is heating up, but more in TX and OK. With Continental ramped down, not sure who the next adventurer will be to come in and look at our properties. If we can get a big enough part of the section together, we might attract somebody. Let me know your thoughts.

Yeah thats right lol. I will do some asking around and see who the big driller is around our area now and will keep in touch. Shoot me an email if you want so we have our contact info. Make it a little easier.