RHL31HS North C Unit

We signed a Gas lease this past Aug 2020, on 42 + acres in Greene county, Richhill Twp, PA. Marcellas Shale. I periodically check the County deed records for activity on deed transfers and O&G lease documents. Today I found a new one. A declaration of pooling. There are 8 of us on 42.75 acres. I have just located the documents with the pooling list. There are 158 names with about 28 parcels totaling 818.793 acres.
My question is about some some of the information on the docs filed. There are columns with Tract/Agreement no./Grantor/Lessor/Township etc. Almost all of the names listed have Agreement No. listed. 4 of the participants of the 42.75 acres do not have an agreement no. listed, but TBD beside the names. Is this because we had negotiated a different lease agreement apart from the others? We have a GROSS lease, where as the others do not, as far as I’m aware. Did everyone with a Agreement number sign a lease? What portion do the non signing group get? I believe at this point we are awaiting a Division Order? This would lay out our percentages? We received the royalty check last month. Over half dozen offers to buy the minerals outright. The Unit now has a title: RHL31HS North C Unit. Now I have found a pooling notice. So I can assume things are moving right along. How do I locate the property with the actual Unit on it? Or locate the actual permit on record for the pad? I’m hoping and assuming a permit has been acquired, so I would like to locate a copy for my records.


Hello, Argylefarm.

Since it has been a while since you asked your question, I thought I would start and ask if there are still questions that you want answered.


It seems no one is really interested, or knows and answer for my query. Go ahead and close it. I can always repost questions later.


I wasn’t asking to close your question. I think the volume is a little overwhelming and confusing.

Your percentages are laid out by the drilling/pooling unit document and your lease. Ideally, the division order should confirm what you interest should be but those should not be immediately trusted. Everyone makes mistakes.

Your question about what unsigned unit members get is difficult.

It sounds like you have your drilling unit and are starting to receive royalties. What other questions do you have?

Hope this helps!


Hi Rachel, Yes I have a convoluted question. Sorry. No we haven’t received a division order yet. I did find leases and pooling orders for 3 other wells, poled with property owners creating 800+ acre sites. Unit A, B, D along with ours Unit B. I believe we are waiting on division orders. Or does that come with the royalty check? It seems to be a massive project. I was asking about the Agreement No. filed with the county. The three family members that I negotiated for are identified as TBD. Where as all the other leases have Agreement No.listed. Second question was the actual location of the well. Is there a way to find out who’s property the well will sit on? I’m not finding anything on the PA Oil and Gas mapping site.


Not all companies issue division orders. Sometimes the information listed in the county documents isn’t completely up to date. You (if you have power of attorney) or the family members should contact the oil and gas company directly to make sure everything is complete.

Until the well shows up in PA Oil and Gas Mapper, it is pretty difficult to find out where it will be located unless you know how to search for permitted wells and then can look up the geographic location using latitude and longitude coordinates. Pay attention to the mapper program because units that have 800+ acre units can be pretty large and the wells can be a significant distance away. Unfortunately, PA does not map laterals.

No worries about the complex nature of the questions. It can be overwhelming. I hope I have helped. Let me know if any other questions come up.

Have a good day!


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