Does anyone know of any chance that an oil company might re-work these older wells or possibly use newer techniques to improve the output?

Would appreciate any information.

Gracie Troini

Dear Ms. Troini,

We have been seeing re-works of old oil wells over the past several years. It is a total economic decision.

Thanks for your reply.


This is in the area of some very good Woodford Shale wells recently drilled by Continental and others. There is a good chance, with patience, that new horizontal wells will be drilled at some point. However, keep in mind that the priority for these companies right now is to drill one well per section so as to hold new leases in the area. Old leases like yours (HBP) are usually last in line, though occasionally there is a farmout and these will be drilled.


Thanks for the info. Sounds like there might be a little hope.