Returned checks from Oil company

Has anyone else had problems with the oil company sending checks that are not good? We have had 2 checks returned. The oil company reissued one and it just got returned. The oil company said they were sorry and will pay the bank fees and reissue the check.

If the oil company is in bankruptcy proceedings, that can happen. Ask that they reissue the check and pay the fees. Document everything!

Thanks for your reply M Barns. Our family received a replacement check for a returned one and it bounced. Another check bounced and the accounting department said they would reissue all returned checks with extra for bank fees. This is the reply from the accounting department. “There is not a problem with the checks. It has more to do with communication between the two systems we use to process and produce checks and communication between these systems and the banking systems”. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. These checks had been deposited and then returned 10 days later. Very irritating. Our bank suggested we wait at least 12 days to use any of the money. The oil company response sounds “fishy” to us.

Check to see if the company is in bankruptcy.