Researching mineral right

I have inherited mineral rights from my dad in S28 T3S R1W. How can I get a picture of activity there and of nearby wells there? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Congratulations and Condolences at the same time.

Hopefully, your executor or attorney has filed the probate paperwork in Carter County. That is the first step.

Here are useful sites to put into your favorites list.

Pending OCC cases at the following link:

Actual cases if you have the case numbers:

Docket proceedings:

Well activity:


Deeds, probates, etc.

There is no current well in 28-3S-1W. Continental did drill a good horizontal well from sec 15 into 22 in 2016. Bloyd 1-15-22H

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Thanks so much. This will give me a starting point.

My grandmother passed them on to my dad. There has never been any activity since she’s had them. Does that mean that area has already been determined not to have anything on it? Doesn’t seem like a positive sign.

Not necessarily. Just means that in the current economic climate, there is not interest in the area right now when it stacks up against other acreage in a company’s area of interest.

Thanks. I plan on just holding on to them and monitoring the activity around the area they are located.

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