Researching mineral deeds in Custer County

I am having some difficulty with Continental Oil on my mineral ownership and have no success with finding the deed to my ancestors rights. This was willed to me by an elderly cousin and I need to know if there was joint ownership with her husband or if it was in his name only. Therefore I need to find how it was registered in Custer County. I have spent a lot of time on the county records but no luck finding either name so far.

Thanks for any help you can give. Roy Ray

Have you tried requesting your families chain of title from the title opinion prepared covering your interest in the certain well you are looking for information on??? Sometimes the division order department will supply this. I myself have been having trouble locating early title documents in several counties in Oklahoma because the records in several counties are only like 1992 forward. When I explain to the oil companies that I have put my own time into looking for the documents in the courthouse and online and fallen short with my search due to the information not being there, and I myself living in Texas, they seem to help me out with searching through their own records.

You can also just try to ask someone in the division order department to supply you with the vesting deed on how your cousin came into title.

I have a contact at Continental in the land department who helped me with an interest in Texas. If you would like I could see if she could put me in direct contact with the division order analyst or landman covering Custer County, OK, and see if they are willling to help?

Alexis Thanks for your reply. I have the issue handled. The ladies at the courthouse were able to access places that I couldn’t and found the original deed. The lawyer has it now.