Research oil rigs

How do I research the producing oil rigs operating within a area of land?

Rigs do not produce, they only drill and then move onto the next location. Are you asking about wells that are producing? The answer to your question will be specific by state and county as to how to research. If you post your question in the correct state and county and give a location such as a township, range and section or an abstract, then we can help you better. There are experts in each state.

(But never fear! I think nearly all of my family members have said “rigs” when they meant “wells” or “pumping units” when asking me oil questions at Thanksgiving. All those “oil rigs” along the highway here in Texas, hah. Common misconception! Rigs drill, wells produce, and pumping units help wells produce :+1:t2:)

It has been a very challenging year dealing with new mineral rights. It’s been a long and winding road. LOL

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