Request to Buy My Mineral Rights

I own mineral rights on approximately 300 net acres in Cheyenne County, Colorado that I recently leased to Westphal Energy. I have now started to receive calls from an insistent gentleman who is pushing me to sell all or part of these acres. He is very fast talking, condescending in answering my questions, and said that I needed to make a decision immediately. He has gone so far as to FedEx me 2 documents (Mineral Deeds) to sign. He is offering $300 per net acre but there are no dollar figures on the documents. He told me represents Haggard Land Co. The Mineral Deed documents came from Atlantic Royalty Co in Oklahoma City. I have told him to stop calling but he persists.

Is there anyone else who owns mineral rights in Cheyenne County who is receiving similar offers? Is there a reason why he is so persistent. Red flags are popping up everywhere? I am not going to act quickly and would appreciate any thoughts on this matter. Thanks

Hi Jordan. I also have questions about Haggard. Please contact me at Would appreciate your knowledge. Thank you. Sharon Nelson

Jordan stevens frazier said:

Jim, I'm from OKC and familiar with haggard, please shoot me an email here....


Sounds like the insistent gentleman is in a hurry to make money. He may know something you don't (or think that he does), like drilling plans for the area. Or he may just be speculating on something good developing soon. Maybe he has a buyer lined up who will enable him to double or triple his money. I have no idea. But I would guess that $300 per net mineral acre is a lot more money than the bonus that Westphal paid you for signing the lease.

Speculators take chances, sometimes they succeed, more often they don't. If no one drills on your acreage, you might kick yourself later for not taking this offer. On the other hand, if successful wells are drilled soon on your acreage, you could make a lot of money on lease royalties, over a period of many years.

Ken G.