Request for NDRIN Search Assistance - Bottineau County - Bayside Energy

I am trying to research lease activity for a company named; Bayside Energy LLC. When checking ESER there are many lease records under this company name; see link below:

ESER gas lease records

Could someone use the NDRIN tool to check if Bayside Energy has assigned these leases to any particular gas company?

The reason I am investigating this, as I have posted previously, is that this company has leased nearly 80,000 for about $30/acre in Michigan after the leasing fever cooled in the fall of 2010.

A Reuters article has revealed that a shell company, Crystal Lake Resources, also leased on the cheap and anonymously bid for Chesapeake Energy in Michigan state auction. Crystal has also been active in Hettinger County ND.

Since I found that Bayside Energy had leased in Bottineau County I wanted to chase that lead.

Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. So who is Bayside Energy leasing for in ND is the question. Perhaps the records (NDRIN) will provide further information.



"MI Landowner"