Request for Information about Apache's Activity in Block 71

I am a first time poster on this forum, although I have read it for several years and greatly appreciate all of the information posted. I apologize in advance for the length of this post. My wife inherited mineral interests in Section 28 and 32 of Block 71 which are currently leased to Apache (the Ash and Palm Units). According to the RRC records and GIS Viewer, there are currently three wells permitted in the Palm Unit and two wells permitted in the Ash Unit. She recently executed a division order for a well in the Ash Unit but has not received one for the Palm Unit.

I have three questions specific to those leases, but would appreciate any applicable general information if no one can answer regarding the specifics. First, my wife received an initial, very small royalty payment for January and February on the Ash Unit. The royalty statement from Apache indicated that it was for gas produced. I was expecting a shut-in payment (possibly) due to the fact it does not appear the wells are connected to a pipeline yet. Is this typical? Does anyone know the production status of these wells or the timeline to get them connected to pipelines?

Secondly, at one time the GIS Viewer indicated Apache had a pipeline permitted into these sections which ran parallel to the Energy Transfer Company gas gathering line. The Apache pipeline no longer runs to these sections. Does anyone know what happened with that situation? Does anyone know a timeline for Apache to run a pipeline to this area?

Finally, we have not been able to find any completion information. As the other wells are completed in these Units, is there a way to access the production data other than the RRC query system? How long does it typically take Apache to post completion information from a well?

Thank you for any information that you can provide.