Request for advice


I think I need a reasonable, competent Land Attorney for a Mineral Rights issue I have with my property in Ward County, TX.
I didn’t know I had a Mineral Rights issue until now.
Any recommendations would be appreciated.
Thank you. r/djm


Hi, Daniel!

Do you think it will require going to Court? If so, that would influence who I would suggest to you.


Thank you for your response.
I am not sure at this time, but I certainly hope not.


Well, their are several very qualified and experienced people here on The Forum who might be able to help you. Some are Attorneys, others Landmen like myself. Whatcha’ got?


Could we continue via e-mail?
Mine is



We can if you would like, but I believe the new Forum Layout has a way for us t have a private conversation. They want to limit responders from trying to take advantage of individuals such as yourself. I’ll write you an intro email and we can discuss that way. If you ever feel that I am trying to take advantage of you, please report it to Kenny Dubose. He is the Founder of The Forum.