Reputable operator

How do I find out if Im leasing with a reputable operator when Im negotiating a lease?

Also I have inherited a lot of tiny amounts of interest. They are so minimal, Im curious to know what your opinion is on leasing them to brokers or non-ops.

It is easy. All you have to do is search the internet. If you get a lot of hits, there is a risk.

Do it this way - enter operator name in quotes + word.

"operator name" + lawsuits


"operator name" + fraud

Send me a list of counties involved and I will give you a list of operators to contact.

Also, if you go to the effort of packaging the "minimal interests" for sale, you may get the attention of the best operator/buyers paying fair prices.

Gary L Hutchinson

Minerals Managment.


Who is the operator? Also, if you are interested in selling or leasing your interests in one package, please reach out and I can assist.


If you're in Oklahoma, it doesn't really matter. If you lease to A instead of Z because you believe A to be more reputable, but if Z is appointed the operator under a pooling order, it will make no difference, because Z (or his purchaser) will distribute the royalty funds, regardless.