Reputable land men

How do you know 100% that a landman is really reputable and working with the company they say they are?

Don’t want to offend anyone just curious.

I always ask if the landman is a CPL (Certified Petroleum Landman) through the American Association of Petroleum Landmen (and women who are also called landmen). The CPL has extensive training, time working as a landman, mandatory CEU hours including continued ethics training, is required to maintain a high level of professional ethics and can be held accountable for unprofessional behavior. If the landman is in training, then I ask to speak to their CPL above him/her if I feel like something is off. If there is no CPL at the company, then I might be concerned. AAPL is very interested in upholding the professionalism of their members.

You can also call the company they say they work for and ask if “so&so” is currently contracted to them. Many landmen are contract individuals these days, so they may do a job for one company and move onto another company after their project is up. Or a landman can be part of a “stable” of landmen that work for a particular land company that may in turn work for different clients.

That being said, I have worked with some very talented, ethical landmen through the years that may not have a CPL designation. And I have run into a few folks that I would not do business with again. Just ask questions until you feel comfortable.

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Is there a specific site I can look them up on with their name? is the website for AAPL. They do have a listing of the landmen registered with them-look under Resources-Verify Membership and Certification. There are several levels of membership-member, registered professional landman and certified professional landman-each level has its own rules. As I said earlier, landmen may change companies often, so keep that in mind. If a landman does not belong to AAPL, then ask about their background, education, training, years of experience, ethics training, etc.

I don’t know if the AAPL’s website will allow non-members access to their Membership Directory, but I will be happy to look anyone up for you.

Cleab Gamble is his name. He says he works for Osage. He also, had information I had another offer in addition to his. So I am just wondering if he is not working two companies. I didn’t mention the other company but he had their name. Anything would be helpful as he doesn’t seem to want to change any of the lease when I asked him to. I didn’t ask anything out of ordinary.


I would encourage you to simply understand that anyone approaching you has a simple profit motive in mind - for themselves, for the company they are working for, and/or in many cases both. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that - it’s called capitalism. What you really want to tease out of course is if anyone is operating in good faith with you, in the sense of not conveying untruths, half truths, or simply omitting information they know. Your best bet is to educate yourself.

Educating yourself takes time. No one can “give” you the right answers for your situation. One of the best ways of course with any professional expertise need you have is to hire someone to work on YOUR behalf, with only your best interest at hand. Then of course it must be someone who has specific skills in your area of need.

Reading this forum will produce many many valuable issues and topics to bring up with anyone wanting to lease your property. Spend the hours to learn. Nothing costs so much as ignorance when entering business contracts.


He is not listed in the current AAPL Membership Directory.

What does he not want to change in the lease?