Reporting Well Production

These two wells we have an interest in have shown strange production figures over the years, but an even 1000 barrels for August? Did this happen or are they just throwing out phony figures? Whoops, I forgot the link: John H Moore in Lea County, NM | Operated by E G L Resources Inc

Well, no response I guess means that it is normal reporting to round it off to the nearest thousand barrels, or that nobody else has had this happen to them. I thought I had understood that accounting for the output of a well was a pretty well regulated thing, not just wild guesses.

You should research the wells on the NMOCD (NM Oil Conservation Division) website to see the history. The wells were drilled in the 1950s have been reworked and perhaps recompleted in new formations over the years. The John H Moore 002 appears to have been reworked over the years. The oil production has fallen from 1,572 bbl in October 2017 to 967 bbl in Sept 2018. API 30-025-00068. There is no reason to think that the 1,000 bbl in August 2018 was not accurate. You should post questions about a specific well in the Lea County area to get responses from others who may have interest in the same well.

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