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So, what do you think, folks? What will be Renville counties greatest contribution to the Mineral Rush, Oil, natural gas, or both? I am wondering what’s the latest on the Trout well? Another thought, What kind of production are they getting from the existing producing wells?

Leo, what is your connection to RENVCO?

I was born there and have some mineral rights. Are you related to John Bohm?

Hello I just joined. A little history, my dad was born in sherwood in 1923 and my family has 7 parcels I guess of the old homestead lots. I am not at home now so don’t know the exact parcels I own. I inherited my dad’s and my aunt’s. My dad’s name is Donald Ferguson and my grandfather was Abner Walker Ferguson. Is there any activity in renville county. Thanks and I look forward to talking. Jim

Hello Leo. John Bohm was my Great-Great Grandfather. John R. Bohm was my Grandfather. I'm one of Dan's 4 children. There are a handful of wells in the Hurley field, about the same in the Eden Valley area. The Loraine field has 2 or 3 left..


Hi Joel,

I was in the navy with your Dad in 1956 & 57. My brother Ron said that your dad has passed on..Sorry to hear of your loss!

Hi Joel, are you married to Lena Broden? I know the family well?

Hey guys. Yes, sadly, Dad passed away in 2006. Mom left last fall. On a happier note, Yes! I am married to Lena. Ronnie, Lena’s Dad, past on in 2008. Dad always spoke fondly of the Mitchell. I don’t think it bothered him when I joined the Marines.

Where are you folks located? Mom & Dad were in Bonney Lake, near Sumner. I live near Loraine, on the farm.

Joel, I and my wife Betty live in Ada mn. I work at Walmart in Dilworth as a people greeter. ya I herd about Ron’s passing.

Ok, here's what I know: Renegade has drilled a successful although low production well (35 bopd) but it is the first and is a test.

Lynn Helms and Renegade are bullish on this:

Renegade's plan is to drill a dozen or so lower-risk wells in the area of the A Trout well, spending 500K per site

Go to to get details on the A Trout well.

(btw, I don't live in ND but my Great Grandfather homesteaded there south of Tolley)

Hello! My stepdad Dr. Roger Sorenson owned a farm in Renville county and his widow, my mother, has tasked me to see if there is any mineral deposit potential and get some education on the subject. Thanks for any assistance! About me: moved to Minot in 72 via MAFB, graduated MHS 80. Navy Submarine Vet 82-90

Is there any leasing going on in Sections 9 and 14 of 162-84?

Some of 9 may have been leased by Renegade 1-2 yrs ago. 14 probably has most of it already dedicated/ producing by Ward Williston.

We have a oil lease about to expire. Do you of any company that may be interested.Township 158 Range 86. Also have some acerage intownship 157. Over 3000 acres in total

My mother (and her niece and two nephews) own 100 acres in North Dakota. It was originally owned by my grandfather and was deeded to her and her sister. Her sister has since died. In 1995 they sold the land, but kept the mineral rights to the land. How do I go about finding out if there is drilling in the area or if there is any interest in drilling. Exact location is: SW 1/4 section 14 in the township of 160 North of range 86 West of the 5th Principal Meridian, Renville County, North Dakota. I have no idea where to start, so any information would be appreciated!

Heidi- My husband's family has mineral rights in a section adjacent to yours and they just received a letter for permission to survey. I have been using the dept of mineral resources north dakota govt site to get well activity information. You should be able to web search for it. They have a map server that I find very helpful. There are alot of dry wells around there but I also noticed some more recent activity starting up.