Renewing a Lease

My mineral rights are currently leased to Apache Corp. and will expire June of 2014.

T-11-N; R22W Sec. 27 & 28 (Approx. 120 acres) The mineral rights were leased at $600.00 per acre. If renewing a new lease with Apache Corp. would this amount be a fair price, or should I ask for more.

Joy Knight/Miles/Yoakum

Here is what Samson was ordered to pay in 29 .

I'll look for some production info around you . Here are some completion reports around you .

Hello, Mike Bennett here with a question to anyone in this group that might be able to help me.

I own 150 acres 15-9N-22W and 10-9N-22W. Is their a map that I can acquire that would help me to understand exactly where my sections are? I so often see activity that would appear to be near my sections but really have no way of knowing.

Thank You


Thanks for such a quick response Ron!

One more question??? Looking at those maps I can easily find 9N-22W but what is the 15 and 10 portion of 15-9N-22W and 10-9N-22W. Hope that's a clear question.

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Ron McKenzie said:

You have a 1 in the top right hand corner of 19n-22w then a six in the left hand corner then you drop down to 7 and go to the right to 12,drop down to 13 and come back across to 18 see the 31 in the lower left and 36 in lower right . there are 36 sections in each township.

Can't thank you enough for your excellent help Ron, my great aunt of 103 was the brains on these matters. She grew up with the family oil holdings and unfortunately I didn't pick her brain enough while she was alive. My great Great grandfathers Isaac Boyd and John Bennett started all this in the late 1800's.