Relief Sought for Multiunit Horizontal Well(s)

I too hold mineral rights in 21-6N-4W. I have a current producing lease on a vertical well with Casillas that included a depth clause (WITH ENORMOUS GRATITUDE TO MARTHA BARNES!!!). Both Casillas and Ovintiv have applied to drill multi-unit horizontal well(s) and the hearing is set for this coming Tuesday. I have been contacted by Casillas to sign a new lease for the proposed horizontal well(s) but have not heard from Ovintiv Mid Continent. I have 4 questions:

  1. When and how can I find out the court’s determination between the 2 operators?
  2. If it’s Ovintiv, should I contact them to see if they’re interested in leasing my interests?
  3. At what point does “pooling” begin?
  4. If there is more than 1 horizontal well proposed, would I receive separate lease offers for each?
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  1. You can find the actions steps on the cases at the OCC OAP website. Type in the case number in the box.

  2. You can contact Ovintiv. Do you need their contact information? They probably have a land group contracted to do their work.

  3. Not sure exactly what you mean, but once the order is given, it has a time on it for its effective limit. Usually 180 days or 365 days.

  4. No, you will only get one lease or pooling. That will cover all activity in the listed time frame.

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NC, Have you spoken with anyone from Casillas recently? I have interest’s in this area as well. PM me and we can share info. D

I sincerely apologize! I wrote Section 21 in error - my mineral rights are actually in Section 28 6N 4W!

Thank you Martha for your always coveted and much appreciated expertise! I will keep an eye on the OCC OAP website. And yes, if you have the Ovintiv information handy, I would like to give them a call!

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So Casillas has a horizontal well producing here, how could Ovintiv come in and operate? I thought in Oklahoma that once an operator has spaced and pooled a formation (and drilled it), they were basically the operator for the remainder of commercial production. Did Casillas go under?

Different reservoirs can have two different operators. Casillas has the shallow one and Ovintiv wants the deeper one (as does Casillas). The OCC will decide.

I too have a question about this unit. My family has minerals in section 28 of 6N-4W, all of our primary terms expired as of July 2019. We all have a depth clause within our lease releasing outside of 100ft etc., yet none of us have been contacted in regards to leasing the Woodford formation nor are we listed on Casillas pooling for the Woodford well. I understand Casillas currently has a producing well for the Mississippian, but shouldn’t we be open to lease for the Woodford rights? Thanks.

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Definitely contact both Ovintiv and Casillas so that you are included in the next pooling decision. Do you need their addresses? OVintiv is posted above. Do you need the Casillas one? Let me know and I can post them. Sometimes, the companies are working from old lists, so they are not always spot up to date.

Thank you for your quick response. I have the contact information for both. My main concern was maybe I couldn’t re-lease the Woodford formation because Casillas original pooling order in 2017 for the Mississippian and Woodford, states they have intentions of drilling a Woodford well after the Mississippian. I was curious if for some reason I would be bound by my original lease because the verbiage in that pooling order from 2017 is for an an initial Mississippian and a Woodford, granted it has been 3+ years now since that pooling was ordered so I would hope they wouldn’t have that long to drill a subsequent Woodford.

You are bound by the terms of your lease as long as it is in effect. The depth clause on your current lease is the key. Poolings are for those with no lease. You are not bound by a pooling unless you are a respondent and have replied or they pick an option for you if you don’t reply,

You will need to PM me as the forum will not let me PM you! Although I initially set-up McClain Cty on the old forum, I believe it is looking at me as a new member on this one?