Our leases in Mountrail and Renville county have expired. Looking for options to re-lease. I may be interested in selling the rights. Just looking for ideas, feedback and suggestions. Th original leasing companies haven't replied to my calls to them I wonder what gives!


Township 158 North, Range 88 West of the 5th P.M.

Section 13: SW1/4


Township 158 North, Range 86 W

Section 14: W2

Kevin, I can't pull up the gis map this moment but you are probably on the wrong side of what they call the line of death. Too far east for good Bakken production. You may be too far south for the Madison / Spearfish formations. I think it possible that something may be found on your acres in the future, the thing is that so many spacings are still waiting on wells that have good Bakken potential that the operators are paying little attention to an area that tested poorly before. I think you minerals are now in the class of long term investment because I don't think you will have significant interest for 10 years or more. I wish I had better to tell you.


I agree with what Mr. Kennedy says and pay close attention to his remark "possible that something may be found on acres in the future". As more and acreages become "held by production", it is my opinion that various operators will begin focusing on these outer areas and if a good well or wells are found, the values will go up and leasing will become active.

Your Mountrail would have brought a lot of money at one time but now no one wants to lease or purchase. Sell it to one of the people on here that are adamant about never selling any minerals and see if they will offer what you could've had but is all up in smoke, most all of the members here believe never sell any minerals, and yours proves they are not always right. Don't hold your breath waiting for them to come back to a value they were once worth or that interest will come back to drill that far outside the Bakken producing area. Like r w said maybe in another 10 but probably more like another 20 years maybe if ever. There is always the chance that someone will want to try another formation at sometime in the future.