Release of Minerals from no production

I can’t seem to find the form I need to send to the oil company to release my minerals due to no production. Can I just send the company a letter requesting for them to release my minerals? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Gregg

Yes, you should be able to get a release by sending the current lessee a letter requesting it. It’s possible the original company who took the lease assigned it to another company who now is the lessee but if you can’t determine that start with the one you were dealing with.

It is probably logical to send your request by certified mail and request a return receipt. With the letter I suggest either sending a copy of the lease or reference in the letter the effective date of your lease, the primary lease term and the legal description of the property it covers.

Sometimes companies will resist giving releases just out of laziness but they should be willing to prepare the form, have it signed by the person in authority and get it recorded in the county where the property is located, or if they will send you a signed, notarized original you can record it yourself.

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