Registering yoiur mineral rights

My mother recently found out she had inherited mineral rights on a piece of property from her late aunt who passed in 1996. How would she register her name on the property and what documentation would she need to do so?

It depends upon the state. In most cases, she would have to file a copy of the probate or title information in the county where the minerals are located. In some states, it is easy. In other states, a foreign probate would have to be filed. She needs to file her name and address and a description of the minerals in the county where they are located. Each state has their own rules about which form to use, margins, place for a stamp, etc. Usually fairly inexpensive on the address part. The probate may differ from state to state. She should ask the executor for help.

The aunt passed and the will/trust was dispersed without the knowledge of this document of the purchase of the mineral rights. It only came to light a few months ago. It is located in Howard County Texas. Would an affidavit and the original purchase document suffice to register?

Best to contact the executor or the estate attorney and get proper legal advice as to how to register.

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