Regarding lease status in 6-3 N-2W


Not sure where to go for information. I have small amount of mineral rights in Garvin Oklahoma. I leased it for my first time 3 years ago, and now wondering how I find out if anything was done on it. Lease should be up now and have heard nothing. I am new at this and live in Oregon. Need guidance please! N/2 SE/4 & SW/4 & NE/4 & E/2 SE/4 SW/4 Section 6-3 N-2W.

#2 I checked the OCC well records site and nothing new was drilled in 6-3N-2W since 2013. Ranken was doing some work in section 5 & 8 nearby back in 2017-2018.


Thank you! I guess I will wait and see what happens.


Just to be safe, check your lease to be certain the lessee does not also have the right to extend the term of the lease for an additional 2 years (2 year option). Lots of folks signed leases with a 3 year primary term with an option for the lessee to extend for an additional two years.