have menerals in Reeves section 20 block 2... I understand section 20 has been pooled with section 21... and Resolute is drilling on se…


After checking the GIS Map Viewer I find no Block 2 in Reeves County. Check your legal description of your minerals again. It's much easier if you have an Abstract #. Also if you have the API # of the well or the name of the well would help.

Clint Liles

Thanks Clint, The well is Wolfcamp Unit No. 2101H.. This is on sec 21... I have minerals in section 20 block 2 Abstract 1512.. this pooled with sec 21

Thanks for your help, Jack


Link to approved drilling permit for North Mitre Wolfcamp Unit 2101H(API 3889-35119):

GIS Map of A-1512/Block 2/Section 20:

Clint Liles

Thank you Clint...

Resolute filed completion report for North Goat 2 Unit in Section 22, Block 2. Well has 2 mile lateral so it goes thru two sections. 1026 BO/D & 2366 MCF/D. Good luck with your nearby well.

Thank you for the information

The North Mitre Wolfcamp Unit 2101H well site is located on my family's 20 acres. I haven't heard anything in reference to this well since negotiating the well site and pipeline easements with Resolute in early Feb.

Randy Eiland

Thank you Randy