Reeves & Pecos County, Texas Lease offer

I’ve received a lease offer from Clayton Williams Energy for Sections 4, & 9, Block 50, Township 9 of the T & P RR. Co. Survey, Reeves & Pecos County, Texas  $700.00 per net mineral acre bonus.  1/4 royalty interest  3 year primary term

I don’t have any experience with activity in this area. I have South Texas interests.

Is this area outside the main plays now? Is this a reasonable offer?


Reeves County leases seem to be 500 to 1000 per acre but depends on where property is located.

Pecos County in the Blk OW, ~8 miles south of Coyonosa is 400 and 25% royalty. Anyone heard of anything higher than 400 in this area?

In the Bakken Of MT ND a lawyer met with town halls to educate people on Leasing. Most of the lawyers will read your offers and help you to understand them. Most of all know that there are no common forms and you should read everything you sign. Ask your city to have a town meeting and educational seminar on mineral rights and leasing. Also perhaps educate people on who OWNS the mineral rights