Reeves mineral taxes delayed

FYI, ReevesCAD said minerals tax bills will probably not be mailed until early 2022, will be payable within 30 days of billing.

Previously, Reeves outsourced assessment to Capitol Appraisal Group, Austin, widely used by other counties. ReevesCAD brought assessment in-house in 2021, and prepared February 2021 preliminary assessment spreadsheets (“Economic Projection”) which could be downloaded from the website. Problems arose, and Reeves County aborted the decision to assess minerals in-house and reversed course and outsourced the unfinished 2021 minerals assessment to Capitol Appraisal. Capitol is now working to provide finalized minerals assessment to ReevesCAD for 2021 billing.

Possibly, ReevesCAD will be ready to proceed with minerals assessment & collector billing January, earliest. Reeves employs an interim assessor, hired a new county assessor who will join soon.