Reeves Cty Texas section 30 block 2?

We received a bid to sell (not lease) our interest in 40 acres in Reeves County, out of the blue. Does anybody know what’s going on in Section 30 Block 2 H&GN RR Co Survey? We are novices.

Texas Railroad map shows only two permitted wells and one dry hole in our section. The two permits were approved Jan-February 2011, operator Energen Resources Corp, horizontal oil wells, lease ABEL 2-20.

Map also shows three oil wells barely across the line in adjacent sections, approved for operators Anadarko and Cimarex.

Thx for any insight.

Resolute's South Goat 2 Unit has produced almost 600,000 barrels of oil in twelve months--Aug 2016 through Aug 2017. One of the wells in the unit appears to be about four hundred feet from your north section line.

Lease Name: SOUTH GOAT 2 UNIT , Lease No.: 48405
Well Type: Oil
District: 08
Lease Production and Disposition
Date Range: Sep 2015 - Aug 2017
13 results Page: 1 of 1
Date OIL (BBL) Casinghead (MCF) Operator Name Operator No. Field Name Field No.
Production Disposition Production Disposition
Aug 2016 3,661 2,120 4,713 4,713 RESOLUTE NATURAL RES. CO., LLC 703352 PHANTOM (WOLFCAMP) 71052900
Sep 2016 49,233 48,708 115,394 115,394
Oct 2016 50,434 51,483 128,909 128,909
Nov 2016 53,972 53,859 140,707 140,707
Dec 2016 52,716 52,605 132,380 132,380
Jan 2017 43,832 44,275 120,373 120,373
Feb 2017 33,845 34,067 99,330 99,330
Mar 2017 31,206 30,851 89,687 89,687
Apr 2017 23,320 23,553 59,268 59,268
May 2017 76,938 76,827 189,887 189,887
Jun 2017 69,469 69,217 197,508 197,508
Jul 2017 53,596 53,959 145,672 145,672
Aug 2017 41,103 41,183 65,950 65,950
Total 583,325 582,707 1,489,778 1,489,778

Thank you, AJ. May I ask a dumb question?

How did you source the lease production?

Texas RR online map shows Resolute Nat'l Resources LLC operates 2 horizontal oil wells in section 23 both lease = South Goat 2 unit. 38935494 completed March 2017 labelled oil. 38935494 completed March 2017 is labelled "gas" on the online W1 Review. Do you think this means the oil well 38935494 is producing all that oil?

Hi, Roy. The RRC map viewer has a tool bar of icons at the top. Choose the blue circle which contains the letter "i" for Identify, and choose 'wells" from the drop down menu. Then place your cursor on a well of interest and click to generate an information box. Solid green circles indicate producing wells. Empty circles represent permitted wells. If there is information in the box, one may often scroll down and see a link to "production data query".
I think the "unit" designation likely means that the production given is for both wells. Those appear to be very good wells and your minerals could be worth much more money than you might imagine.

Thanks! Using Google Chrome browser, I can zoom around the RRC map, but absolutely cannot click-activate the "identify" icon at the top. Phoned the RRC, she suggested switching to Explorer browser and I successfully download the production data you showed me! Slow as using dial-up in the 1990s, but at least it downloaded.

Maybe I'll figure out how to print sections of the RRC map one of these days.

You're welcome, Roy! If you can't get it to print, you might download the "Lightshot" screenshot Chrome tool extension and just capture the map as an image file.

Chrome won't allow java which is required to do all the things possible on the RRC site. Try with Edge or Internet Explorer or even Firefox.

Thanks for explaining, RRC lady said she thought they're "working" on Chrome. Explorer worked for me.

We were offered $60,000 for our 1/5 interest in 40 acres ... $7,500 per acre to sell outright. We are aware of substantial new drilling in the neighboring sections surrounding our section. Reportedly, never any drilling in our section due to fragmented ownership & clouded title in much of the section.