Reeves county

My mom and aunt own 160 acres in reeves county. How do i find out if its part of this alpine field?

It looks like the Houston paper has a sort of idea of how the field lays. Now, where does their property lay?

Not home right now, but block c. Im told it does not border highway 20, but close to highway 20 not far from where intersects with highway 10

Block c11, section 19, abstract 4012


Apache has 4 new wells about 2 miles east of your section. Right now they are calling it a Wildcat field but it may be completed in the same formation as the Alpine. I found one lease in your section that expires next year. It is a good chance that Apache will be wanting to lease towards your mother's land next year. Be patient and they will be able to make a fair deal.

Gary L Hutchinson

Minerals Managment

Thank you so much for the information. None of us are in texas to really check things out for ourselves

Debi is your mom and aunt looking to lease?

So what seems to be the going rate per acre to lease property out in that area now? Just a guess. They do not want to sell the mineral rights.

Think the current lease is up in another year

If you go to the Railroad Commission site on the web, you can use the GIS viewer to look for your sections and see the well development around your area. Easy to use and access.

Thank you