Reeves county

Has anyone dealt with Shaw Interests, Inc.? With regard to oil and gas leases.

They are an established lease broker out of Midland. Been around for a while and have a pretty well known name in the Permian for leases. They are a broker, so most likely an oil and gas company has hired them to go get leases for them. Either Shaw will take the lease in their name and assign it over to the oil and gas company or sometimes Shaw will the be taking the leases directly in the name of the oil and gas company that hired them.

It is usually standard operating procedure for oil and gas companies to hire “lease brokers” to run the title and negotiate leases on behalf of the oil company that hired them instead of the oil company doing it themselves. Just make sure you negotiate it properly and get all the clauses in there that are in the mineral owners best interest.

Best of luck, Cam

How would I go about asking more than their offering.