Reeves County Wells

Can someone explain why in eastern Reeves, all of the driiled wells appear to be north of Interstate 10? I can not imagine that the highway is a hard boundary for underground oil.


Drilling is taking place where the risk of encountering the oil bearing zones is lowest. The horizontal drilling in taking place along the eastern flank and bottom of the Delaware Basin; a geologic feature formed over 325 million years ago. A considerable amount science has been developed by drilling and testing wells in the area where the Delaware Basin abuts the Central Basin Platform along the eastern limits of the Basin. The western limits of the Basin are not as well known where it slopes up to the Diablo Platform.

You are absolutely right. Interstate 10 has nothing to do with the oil deposits. Drilling is based on science, economics and probability of success in the new oil business. There is no need to guess these days.

Gary L Hutchinson

PS, I come from a log line of Duncans, Covilles, Davies, who settled in Southern Colorado about 1850 to 1870. I've sent you a PM.

The stacked shale play formations south of IH-10 in that area curve around the promontory of the Davis Mountains along Hovey road and extend southwest along the Big Valley west of Hwy 67 down to Alpine and south both sides of Hwy 118 all the way to Terlingua. Apache Corporation is developing a field, proving oil and gas production potentials, along Hovey road near the old train track crossing at Hovey.

That's the eastern flank and bottom of the Delaware basin Gary was talking about, south of IH-10 in Reeves county.

There's another 'finger' of the Delaware basin stacked shale play formations going south along Hwy 90

out of Van Horn to Valentine and along the Rio Grand to Terlingua in Culberson, Jeff Davis, Presidio, and Brewster counties. The Delaware Basin is MUCH bigger than was ever thought it could be when it was

first discovered in the 1930s.

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